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    1. Info:Information pages

      From New World Encyclopedia

      Writer's Guidelines

      New World Encyclopedia has developed a Writers Manual to ensure articles are presented in a consistent and unified manner. All writers, editors and copyeditors need to follow the Writers Manual and are not certified until their work reflects a thorough understanding of it.

      Open Source

      We are grateful to all developers of MediaWiki and other open-source software we are using in this project. We have made some customizations and additions to these packages and we are contributing them back to the community in various ways. The first such effort is our work on a new search engine for MediaWiki that is already used on this site. Please see SphinxSearch extension for details.


      After our public launch in February 2008, we are getting an increasing amount of general Internet traffic. The statistics page displays the cumulative stats since our beginning. We hope to provide more detailed statistics in the future. Please see our version page for general details about our setup.

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