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Will battery-less solar power system find takers?

11/17/13                                 Will battery-less solar power system find takers? – The Hindu

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Will battery-less solar power system find takers?


Articulating the view of the section of manufacturers, K.E. Raghunathan, managing director of Solkar Solar Industry, argues that the battery-less system would be suitable where there are no power cuts. His point is that when there is no grid power or power supply from the TANGEDCO, the system will not generate electricity. Only when there is grid power, solar power will be fed to the grid. This is why he insists on a rooftop solar power system with battery. An official who is part of the TEDA replies that one has to look at the basic objective behind the installation of rooftop solar power systems. If a consumer wants to address the problem of load shedding, he or she can very well go in for an inverter, which costs around Rs. 15,000. But, the purpose behind selecting such a system is to promote essentially the use of renewable energy. Another issue raised by Mr. Raghunathan is about the availability of energy meters for the solar power systems. The official responds that the meters will be part of the systems to be provided by vendors to beneficiaries.